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- Holidays with our most precious friends -

Offer valid from 21/05/2022
to 30/09/2025

If your family consists not only of people, but also of "hairy", you know how important it is to find a hotel that loves animals as much as you do and where they receive the same treatment as any other member of the family!

Here at Hotel Maestri, we are animal lovers and therefore know very well the needs of those travelling with a dog, a cat, but also with a bunny, a turtle, a parrot and any other special friend.

For the room cleaning simply make an arrangement with the floor maid: she will take advantage of your walk to rearrange the room and, if a kitten is travelling with you, simply place it in the carrier for a few minutes.

At the end of the stay the room is completely sanitised. A additional cost for cleaning € 8.00 per day.

For health and hygiene reasons, you cannot bring your pet into the dining room.

We collaborate with a pet shop and there is a veterinary clinic for any emergency.


The pedestrian promenade in Riccione, just a 5-minute walk from Maestri, is ideal for peaceful walks with your furry pet.

In the vicinity of our facility there are several animal-friendly' beaches who will welcome him and give him ad hoc attention.

Riccione's beaches are wide with soft sand, ideal for running and playing carefree even on all fours, and while you are sunbathing, he can rest in the shade.


During your stay, do not hesitate to contact reception for any advice on the best services for your puppies.

If you are hearing a resounding BAU your friend has just given you his approval. And don't forget the kitty and the bunny...There's room for everyone!

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