- Wonders to be discovered in Romagna -

San Marino

As of 2008 the historical centre of the City of San Marino and Mount Titano have been included by theUNESCO between the heritages of humanity

It is the Europe's oldest republic and also the state that, in proportion to its inhabitants, hosts the largest number of visitors, attracted by its historical centre with its countless shops, old squares, palaces, museums, churches and medieval houses all made of stone and retaining their former appearance. 

On the summit of the Mount Titan rise the three fortresses (or fortification towers) connected by walls and walkways, from where one can enjoy a splendid panorama.


La Rocca and its Borgo fortifications represent one of the best-preserved medieval structures in Italy and the two walls protecting the fortress, the outer of which stretches almost 800 metres.

It is a place rich in history and memoriesunique and unrepeatable emotions can be experienced during each visit: you can walk inside the castle, on the crenellated walls, but also on the drawbridge and in the elegant courtyard. The rooms inside recall the splendours of the powerful families that ruled here: Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere.

The castle of Gradara is open every day Monday to Sunday: 09:30 to 19:00.  

Famous to many for being mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy as a sinful place for the famous lovers Paolo and Francesca.

In July, it is home to the medieval re-enactment 'Seduction at the Castle.

Saint Leo

Not everyone knows that Saint Leo was the capital of Italy for two years, from 962, under the reign of Berengar II.

Today, the admirable historical centre, intact in its original rigour and beauty, immediately offers the eye the ancient Romanesque buildings: Pieve, Cathedral e Towerwhich are flanked by numerous Renaissance palaces, such as the Medicean Palacehome of the elegant Museum of Sacred Art, the residence of the Counts Severini-Nardini, the Palazzo Della Rovere, seat of the Town Hall.

Heart of San Leo the square named after Dante who was hosted there as St Francis.
At the highest point of the spur is the Fortress of Francesco di Giorgio Martini, where Giuseppe Balsamo, known as Count of Cagliostro.  


Verucchio has managed to retain its charm over time, cradle of the Malatesta Seigniory stands in the shadow of the scenic Rocca del Sasso.

The scenic beauty of the Marecchia River Valley in which it is immersed makes a visit to the ancient village a must for anyone passing through Romagna.

The ancient 10th century parish church is a must-see, and in July the town is filled with the ethnic sounds of the Verucchio Festival.

Our suggestion is to plan your visit to the village in a nice day clear, without mist, to enjoy from the highest points of the rock a breathtaking panorama where the eye sweeps from the Marecchia Valley to the entire majestic Rimini coastline lying on the Adriatic.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Dominated by the Malatestian Fortress on the Monte Giove hill, this town of medieval origins is the scene of important events that attract thousands of visitors every year, such as the St Martin's Fair in November and the International Theatre Festival in July.

Known for its architectural beauty made up of noble palaces, town houses, alleys and small squares, it has been awarded the title of City of Art.

Worth visiting in the central Ganganelli square is the large triumphal arch built in 1777 in honour of fellow citizen Pope Clement XIV. 

Torre del Campanone, Porta Cervese, Piazza delle Monache, Chiesa Collegiata, Pieve di San Michele, Sferisterio are all characteristic places to visit that give this village its particular charm.

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