- Two words at Maestri: safety and responsibility! -

The over 50 years of experience of the Maestri family in hospitality, today they are all about the safety of our guests. 
Despite the difficulties, we have decided to take care of your holidays again this year by making them pleasant and protected
We have been working to comply with the new security protocols, so that you will find everything ready when you arrive.

Here are the main precautions we have taken to ensure greater security:


Care and cleanliness have always been of great importance to us. The cleaning material used consists of disposable cloths and wipes or previously treated with a sanitising solution. Every element in the room will be perfectly sanitised. Naturally, the hotel's air conditioning system and filters are also sanitised. On the floors and in other work areas, it is always compulsory to observe an inter-personal distance of at least one metre between one person and another; the guest must not be present when cleaning rooms.
Cleaners will always be equipped with personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves and mask. We want to allow maximum flexibility and therefore you can decide whether to have cleaningroom daily or you can request our Cleaning Kit to manage the cleaning of your room independently and collect the towels which can be booked at the agreed time at reception.


All our fabrics are supplied to us by a certified industrial laundrywhich ensures its proper washing and sanitisation.


All common areas are constantly sanitised and sanitised by our staff several times a day.


We recommend entering the lift alone or with one's family. Avoid taking the lift with people who are not members of your household. The lift is frequently sanitised and disinfected. If you don't want to give up fitness even on holiday, the stairs will be a great alternative!


We placed several dispensers at each lift exit, in the lobby and at the entrance to the restaurant.


At the entrance to the restaurant, as in all common areas, it is obligatory to keep a minimum inter-personal distance of 1 metre and to wear a mask. I tables will be spaced at least 1 metre apart except for family units or persons sharing the same room. All meals will be served at the table and hall and kitchen workers will always have a mask and all the personal protective equipment necessary for the proper performance of their work. To promote spacing, we may choose to use other areas inside and outside the facility, and in cases of high attendance we may use multiple shifts.
We will guarantee the service with the same attention and care as always thanks to the professionalism of our staff. Hand sanitisation at the entrance to the dining room is a rule that all guests must observe. All equipment and rooms will be sanitised frequently to maintain everyone's safety. This year it will also be possible to choose to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with the take-away service. We prepare it for you and you decide where to eat it!


Surely this year we will all be more comfortable at the beach with umbrellas spaced out and much more space available. You will be able to enjoy privacy and tranquillity in a safe, even more exclusive environment, with ample space between the umbrellas as required by the new regulations.
In the cabins for the common use of hotel guests you may change, but you may not leave your clothes and personal belongings. One recommendation: reservation is recommended. For information contact Bagno 70 at 0541 692384


The Maestri family and all the staff have been trained in security protocols to guarantee you a stay in total safety. If you have any doubts or needs, please ask us. We are always at your disposal.


Theme evenings, the symbol of holidays at Maestri, will no longer be buffet-style but served at the table. The spirit will always be that of surprising you and letting you savour the authentic flavours of Romagna and its genuine dishes prepared with quality ingredients and lots of love. We will once again be able to give you new emotions, with a little more attention.


We have decided to maintain the playroom by indicating 2 as the maximum number of children allowed inside the area, which will be equipped with hand disinfection products at its entrance. The playroom will be sanitised several times a day to ensure the safety of your children. For each child, 1 parent will supervise. Animation, on the other hand, will not be available.
We will do everything to make your stay and our work as safe and pleasant as possible. We will take a few extra precautions to make everyone more serene. But one thing is certain: the hospitality and willingness to welcome you will be the same as always, indeed...  will be even stronger!      


In accordance with health and social distancing protocol, unfortunately, the Relax Oasis will remain closed for this season.

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